We all have been part of stereotypes and labeling. People of categorize others according to their looks or abilities, often counting them out of doing a certain task. You cannot participate, not tall enough, not physically able etc… I am sure we have all heard something similar. Society often feels the need to see a certain characteristic and assume you are not qualified. As a friend of mine once told me, “You are not a label” and that stuck with me. I constantly reminded myself of that because it is very true. You are just as capable as anyone else to conquer whatever it is that you desire. Do not let people get in your head or you will be stuck in the same place. Go be. Show the world what you are made of. Prove others assumptions about you totally wrong because labels are not the definition of you! The world is not a solid color but all the colors in the world. You were meant to be extraordinary not ordinary!

What if

Every hour, every day, every month, every season we have choices to make. Every day you have the opportunity to do what you want with your story of life, but more times than not, we live in fear and deprive ourselves from our greatest potential. Constantly asking “what if something goes wrong?” Truthfully, you will never know if you never do it. If you wait for the perfect moment you will wait forever. You are unique, each one of us hold our perspective on life. People are not always going to match you and that is fine! Not long ago, I heard something that stuck with me “you are not what others think of you, you are what you think of YOU” that spoke volumes. If we always do what others expect we will never learn to fly. Do not live in the version of others. What if does not exist, if it works then you did what you always wanted and conquered. If it does not then you learned how to be better. So go and jump outside the box there is more waiting for you on the other side!!

Just Live

After all this time on earth, ask yourself what have I done all this time… Have I truly lived, or have I just followed everyone else’s expectations? Maybe. Most of us would not know how to answer that quite honestly. We all have dreams. Thoughts. Goals. Yet somehow, we always push them back and make thousands of excuses as to why it would not work. Starting with the classic “I have no time” but think about it no one does we always have something to do. “No money” of course not, but save it you will have enough eventually. “They will think it pointless” who cares, it is not pointless to you. It will impact someone. Something will always show up to talk you out of it, trust me. We live in fear of stereotypes and people having opinions. That just it, it is an opinion. We all have them and it is what makes the world go round. All this time, you have Observed. Listened. Achieved. Failed. and Lost.  Most importantly you learned to just be! Everything is a moment, some are good some are not. Take risk and be who you want. Live authentically! Some will support some will not but that does not matter thrive in your essence! Negativity only comes from those that were not prepared to see you do things like that. Stop living in your own head, find a way to make your dreams come true. People are always going to watch. Be iconic and learn to just live!