Happy 2022 my humans!!! We all sit in anticipation of what the new year will bring, we make a new resolution, promising ourselves we will make it happen. Yeah, yeah been there done that. This year I hope you TAKE BACK – take back your energy, happiness, and peace. Find comfort in your passions that you lost in the middle of the world chaos. You deserve all good things!! This year is yours, to create, to explore, to have, cherish all the good and the bad for they turn you into the person you are!

I wish happiness and health for you. May this year be kinder to you. All that you deserve will come to you. This year, take charge in doing something nice for yourself daily, even if it seems simple. You are just as important as anyone else. Remember you hold the pen to the story you are creating!! Make it worth it.

Live, fly, sing, and dance because even when you cannot see it for yourself, your energy is missed in someone else’s day!! Always rooting for you, here is to 365 NEW pages to create a phenomenal story!