YOU are alive and thriving!!! When you feel your weakest lean on your people. Speak with your heart and seek the answers to the questions you have. The last week has shown me the importance of listening to your body and understanding that we are not superhuman. Stumbling is part of growing, not feeling like yourself is so exhausting emotionally. Here’s your sign to do something that makes you smile at least once a day! Love your people loudly because life is too short to act nonchalant.

Create healthy connections, so that you don’t walk the earth feeling anxious. Find the people that give you serotonin!! There is beauty in vulnerability and as a long-living person that feels overwhelming every time I move. Some people skyrocket just by experiencing your presence! Feel, jump, and express. You will be heard by those that truly care for you even when you are silent.

Turn the world upside down with your energy. You were meant to flourish not water yourself down. As always, breathe deep and keep going. When you feel stuck know that at least one person is rooting for you always!


As we grow in the transitions of life. We idealized that if it is not perfect it is not enough… at least from my point of view, it’s one of my constant struggles. More times than not people try to cover up the cracks and embellish the scars. Oh, but listen here it is the physical sign of going through hardships and being able to stand strong. It is so engraved in our brains that we need to fit certain criteria to be worthy and that is just a lie. You are you because you were created as such to fulfill a purpose. Recently, I have discovered that the saying “things happen for a reason” is indeed true because nothing happens by coincidence. Embrace all you are, emotions, quirkiness, and don’t diminish yourself.

When you find your true people… your personality is a highlight to someone else!! A piece of you is always engraved in those that truly see you for who you are. Stay yourself. Be bubbly! Not everyone is meant to be everlasting, but you will always have yourself. Set boundaries. Love loudly and express gratitude for everything that matters to you. Life is too short to act like you do not care.

Scars and all, we all play a part in someone else’s story! Keep it pushing, you’ve made it through every single day you thought you could not. Stay hyped. As always, I’m rooting for you!


People always say just be yourself and you will be fine. Just love yourself, forgive, move on, etc… what does that mean?! How do you do that? First of all, there is no simple answer. Everything we feel (do) is part of who we are. It is how we develop personality, character, and boundaries. Every experience you go through creates the essence of your life. Comparison is a thief of joy… never understood what that truly meant until recently. NO TWO THINGS ARE IDENTICAL!! not people, objects, not even days. Everything on earth stands in its form.

As a perfectionist myself, I feel like everything is a time frame. As if there was a timer on life. News flash, there is not. Stop running, breathe, and look a the sky for an extra second longer you might see something different today. You are not in a race, everything comes in due time. Learning patience is extremely difficult, but I guarantee nothing is ever early or late, we are all just impatient and hate waiting for things, but the beauty comes from learning to observe the things before that.

Stand tall, and know that your presence will never be repeated in someone else! Let your personality shine, Be loud, talk at 100mi per hour, and repeat yourself 7x a day. Be dramatic because simple is boring. Feel all you feel with everything you are. The ones that genuinely love you will always see you. Do not let anyone make you feel like it is so “heavy” to be YOU. As always, I am rooting for you! Go forth and fly!!


Most of us probably survived the worst yet most rewarding year of our lives! Guess what, you have a new set of pages to write the most incredible story yet. Restart. Clear your mind and your heart. Seek everything you desire the best way you can. Never discredit your progress. Manifest it, write it down, for the universe will self-align to provide it for you. Recently, I’ve struggled with accepting the things I deserve and always thinking I have to “earn” them. We are deserving of all things because we fight for them. We exist. You. Are always capable of so much.

This year, I ask for calmness! I’m so used to stress. Always doing something and during the season of post-graduation and job searching I’ve had to practice patience and understanding that you do not always have to be “moving” to make progress! Be content as you are. Take a break, and reset. Align your goals, dreams, and aspirations. Stay true to yourself. Always! Make sure you prioritize your mental health, and your people, allow space for the new things to come.

May this year bring you all of the things you have always wanted. Wishing all of you inner peace, happiness, health, and growth. Be weird, and be extra bubbly for anything that is meant to stay will stay. You are seen. Strong and courageous. Let me tell you this, no two people are the same so stop comparing yourself and go be phenomenal. As always I’m rooting for you all!!!

To my inner child:

At 8 years old, I decided I wanted to learn sign language… I wanted to be an interpreter! Didn’t know how, when, or where. All my life I wanted inclusion. Power. Visibility to myself, always thought I need to be “walking” to have the things I pick up on the daily. Against all odds, the times I cried myself to sleep. The days I hated my physical appearance and everything else under the sun. I knew I’d die trying to earn the privilege to be who I wanted to be. I’d be influential to those who need it most. Turns out I became a Deaf Education Teacher!!!

Daniela, you are not the handicapped girl in the back of the class babe, you are the leader now. Through days of pain and tears, smiles and laughs. You got the career. The first in your family with a Bachelors degree. Thank you for never choosing the easiest way out. For not giving out to the “can’t” I love you for everything you were and will become.

No more labels… learned as years went by that I closed myself off because I was scared but little did I know everyone is flawed. We all are exactly who we are meant to be. Thank you for trying! For perseverance, for your stubbornness hahaha.

To anyone out there, live YOUR life. Be happy. Do it your way. For you. The world can accommodate. You fit. You matter. Much love. Go forth and conquer. Never give up!!! ❤️


Life is like bubbles… Each day or given moment can only be seen once then it vanishes. Here lately, I’ve been shown that good things do happen. No matter how ordinary it is that I may feel. Everything you have earned is because you have worked for it. So yes make a big deal out of everything because this is your “bubble” so do not let anyone bust it just because they do not understand you!!

Changes will happen for hardly anything is linear. Go forth and conquer. Travel the road ahead for you have no clue what is waiting for you. Be humble, gracious, and patient in knowing that you will never go where you are not meant to be. Live and learn. Laugh and love. Sing and dance. Be loud like me hahaha. I’ll let you know something half of us are winging each day too no one has a clue what’s going on!

Know that at least one person out here is rooting for you! Be your hype. No dream is too small because the sky is limitless!

Color Burst

Yoooooo, what’s popping?! I am here to remind you to live for yourself. Cast all your colors and let them shine!!! You did not go through every trial to let it sit like it is nothing. Shout off the rooftop, with all your growth and accomplishments because only you know how hard it’s been to get to where you are today!!!

Let your colors burst. Trust me it will never bother those that are genuinely happy for you!! You have traveled this far to earn what you have today. Be loud and be proud about it. Paint the picture you want and live for it, no one’s opinion matters more than the way you see yourself.

Set the world on fire! People are watching make it worth something, I’m rooting for you always! 💛


Cracked, shattered, and on the floor, but you are still visible! See yourself for everything you are. As you are. Not the way you feel, for we are all imperfect and still your image is important. Life is an adrenaline cycle, a never-ending ride of emotions!! Live it!!! Feel it. All of that, that makes you human.

You will never go any further than your feet are to the ground, and although it feels like you’ll never get up, you can only go up. Hold on because I am rooting for comfort and peace. We often criticize everything that is “ugly” to us. However, take a minute, and analyze how through every scar and tear you have shed you still stand strong and courageous as ever.

As cliche as it may sound nothing last forever, you will become uncrumpled. You will be bubbly and ecstatic once again!! Stay golden, never wash away your personality to fit in. I am rooting for you always and forever!!!

Imposter Syndrome

STOP JUST STOP…. As a girl that self-sabotage’s almost everything seriously. Look at you! Standing in the mirror, yes it is you. All that is coming is truly for you. I heard something not long ago that said, “that opportunity is for you if not it wouldn’t be here. It wouldn’t be in your path.” That hit me because it is true. You are more than capable to complete that task. Believe it!! Even when at times you feel at a loss or like someone else can do it better, maybe, but NEVER the way you can!

Your head is always thinking the worst. Yet again, the impulsiveness in you will bring out the best moment. Live unapologetically, to the best of you. Everything you are. Energetic and loud for here is a secret you can not sabotage what is yours!! Live with your emotions on your sleeve, you are meant to flourish not water down!!

Rooting for you always… don’t let your imposter syndrome win. Go forth and conquer!!


Summer, summer! you’ve been heavy since you arrived. However, I’m here to tell you it is all good. Just close your eyes, and somehow, somewhere for a split second, there is comfort in your favorite song, stuffing your face in a cupcake, or laughing until your stomach hurts. Things are not always at peace and the stress-freak in me screams at chaos, but I know deep down that the best is to come. We all know that yet again we rush for things to be pretty and perfect all the time and we want to skip the lessons we have to learn. The pain and tears will bring the greatest smiles and laughs the planet has to offer, just hold on a little longer.

Growth is not linear. Gentle. Nevertheless pretty, but it comes to making a better version of yourself. You have survived all the days before this one, and you will tomorrow too. Somehow you always do. In the midst of it all, things align the way they should. All that is yours will be there. I’m rooting for you and know that you are exactly where you are meant for me to be. Be gentle to yourself, you are enough and worthy of all the things you desire.

Shine bright, live unapologetically! Never change yourself to fit in. The world is better with you here 🪄