Observe. Observe it all. Often our expectations create our disappointment. You never see what is there because you think so highly of people. I challenge you, to watch your surroundings more often, the environment and people that you share your energy with. You deserve reciprocation! Your friendship and connections should be genuine not draining. Friends who act differently with a different set of people are not your friends! Anyone that makes you feel like you are not cool enough – ain’t it because YOU ARE AMAZING!!

Choose yourself more. Be bubbly & extra when you feel like it. Those that see you for you will always stay. Recently, I read something that said “change to grow not to fit in” it spoke volumes. Your habits are often comfortable, but it is unfair to your growth. Each of you humans is extravagant do not let someone make you think you are ordinary!!!

As always shine brightly! Always rooting for you and if you need a friend, I’m here for you. You are more than enough. So proud of you all!!