Hi, everyone!! Recently, I hit chapter 23 of my life. It started intense to say the least, but I sit here and reflect on everything, may this year be full of growth and happiness. This year is huge, internship is around the corner, graduating, jobs, etc I’m rushing to get to the finish line. That is just it, why rush everything in due time self aligns!! Enjoy where you are now. Everything that is meant to happen will happen. All that is yours is waiting for you. It will not be given to anyone else!

Slow down, and watch your surroundings!! Sing your heart out. Laugh out loud, love immensely! Share yourself as you are!! Never water yourself down, someone out there needs it. Check on those that nurture you, but most importantly choose you, always!!!

Don’t rush to be present. Take courage! Be strong. Follow your gut – rooting for you always!! 🤍


Hello humans!!! After a much-needed rest, finished up my teaching observation and I am now preparing for my internship, life is good!!! One step closer to finally living the dream! Anyways, most of us go through things feeling like we can do better. That we need a level of perfection from beginning to end, my observation taught me that it is not about perfection, but intention. People tend to want to find “the missing piece” when you have four petals instead of five. You make magic with FOUR you cannot have five. Emerge. Be present & float with the performance you can create.

People are not expecting you to fail, but grow!! You are strong and capable of everything you want to achieve. Just stay in it, fight, with all you have and anyone rooting for you from the heart will be proud of your progress!!! Because we only have one shot at life and we miss out on so much trying to be perfect. Be intentional. Clear. That is exactly how you will execute a masterpiece on your next step!! Do what sets your soul on fire!!

If it makes sense to you then your results will be worth it. Never count yourself short, someone is watching and learning from your impact. Rooting for you always!!!

The Challenge

They say when you face fear, it is when you should do more!! But our “fight and flight” response tells us to return to comfort. That is just it what do you do, stay and try? Or run? When being in a new environment where you are not quite adapted or comfortable can be terrifying. We want to do what we know so we excel in all categories and not have to think of failure or mistakes in the new scenarios.

Well news flash: we are placed where we are needed most. Where you will learn. Flourish. Be of an asset in one way or another. Everyone is a piece missing in someone else’s puzzle!!! Recently, I’ve endured a lot of changes. Challenges. New people. I have quickly discovered I have something to offer to help them prosper, kinda cheesy yeah, but we do and never realize it.

Someone said, “we are like the island of misfits” because it is ironically true, no one spends time doing the challenges. Long paperwork. the patience of taking longer is too much because we are always in a rush to finish first. Racing the clock like we are running out of time. Go where no one else goes. It may not be a walk in the sky but to someone else, it is what they have always needed!!! be kind. be the impact. Rooting for you always!! Rise to the challenges, there is probably something far greater waiting for you!!!


It is no secret that I am an adrenaline seeker!! You can always do the simple, eh, it is whatever. Every day though, you are one day closer to death to just do the ordinary! Do it all. Whatever it is that you feel in the moment bc it is never coming back.

For a long time, like maybe most of you, I thought I could not do normal people things because I needed certain accommodations at times and I limited myself to a certain box. It was so simple “safer” easier for everyone else. Even if it was not what I wanted. Until one day I just started doing it. Literally. Chances were I probably did not know how I would do such a task, but eh I will figure it out along the way. YOU are free to live. My impulsiveness used to be such a bad thing I thought. No. It is my impulse to do what everyone tells me I cannot. BE. JUST BE.

This is your sign!!! Fly. Run. Break a leg (not literally) but yeah, buy the shoes you like so much, go to the tallest mountain you can find. I don’t know, but be happy. Your everyday routine will still be there when you come back!!

Happiness is on the other side of fear!!! Rooting for you always!! 🤍


Doing new things is so nerve-racking and so exhilarating at the same time!! I saw this earlier and it stuck with me. Your first-day experiences will never repeat. Every day is a new piece of paper and you could never repeat the same emotions the same twice. Seize each moment to the fullest. Recently, I used sign language with a child for the first time. I was so excited and so nervous to mess it up, but it was hands down the moment I had waited for the last five years!! I will never forget that sentence conversation. For I did it all on my own. It was the most gratifying moment of my life!!!

Cherish the iconic moments of your life withholding your happiness and gratitude. Never allow anything to take away how proud you should be for every obstacle you have faced because only you know deep down how hard it’s been to persevere through it all. Yes, there are always thousands of possibilities and millions of people that could do the same thing, but no one can be YOU and share the same emotions. Embrace. Seize. Conquer. Someone out there looks up to you!!!

With my most sincere humbleness and gratitude!!Happy 1-year humans!!! It was only right to give it a new look!!! First, thank you for sticking along 365 days… if this is your first post. Welcome, hope this helps you somehow. Rooting for you always!!


Time is the only thing in the world that never stops in this world. No 24 hours will ever repeat, take every moment and live it out to the fullest because you will never get it back. Pause and appreciate what is present in the moment. love the ones you cherish out loud! Always, those who matter will not mind. Time is of the essence and every day you lose the chance.

Build the memories. Take everything & enjoy it. Even when it is the most difficult thing you have ever done because one day you will look back and feel so rewarded for everything you faced. Today, I realized that things come to end, maybe even sooner than we are ready for, but we are left with the heart-wrenching excitement of the experience we had. You never forget the feeling of happiness you feel when you spend it with those who make you feel most seen!!! Find your people, burst your bubble, speak all that it is you want. Be a voice. Be YOUR voice. Pave the way because your presence is essential to someone.

Cherish your friendships, your genuine connections with love and gratitude, embrace the next 24 hours so that when you think about yesterday you can recall what you did, 90% of humans always say, I cannot remember, do something for you or someone else. Build yourself every day. You are resilient and have something to give to this world!!!

Rooting for you always! 🤍


The world is waiting for you!

People always say go with the flow, but the “flow” is scary 99% of the time. Truth be told, change is inevitable. We must grow into butterflies eventually! All the new things that are happening, were meant for you. Yes, I know, you feel like you are so unprepared, but we are never truly ready. It always seems impossible until you do it, I promise you it is not that bad. You will make it!

Here lately, I have been trying so hard not to self-sabotage myself before it happens. You cannot live in fear. Everything is unpredictable. We never know until we know. It is time, to take the courage, the effort, the progress, and the energy you have put into all your work and show the world. SHINE. YOU are deserving!

Go forth and conquer, it may be the scariest thing ever, but so is selling yourself short because you are scared. You have so much potential!!! Rooting for you always. Flourish and become the butterfly you are meant to be 🦋🪄


Observe. Observe it all. Often our expectations create our disappointment. You never see what is there because you think so highly of people. I challenge you, to watch your surroundings more often, the environment and people that you share your energy with. You deserve reciprocation! Your friendship and connections should be genuine not draining. Friends who act differently with a different set of people are not your friends! Anyone that makes you feel like you are not cool enough – ain’t it because YOU ARE AMAZING!!

Choose yourself more. Be bubbly & extra when you feel like it. Those that see you for you will always stay. Recently, I read something that said “change to grow not to fit in” it spoke volumes. Your habits are often comfortable, but it is unfair to your growth. Each of you humans is extravagant do not let someone make you think you are ordinary!!!

As always shine brightly! Always rooting for you and if you need a friend, I’m here for you. You are more than enough. So proud of you all!!

Under Pressure

Why do you feel like you’re running out of time!? You are NOT… I promise. Lately, I know we all feel under pressure. There are deadlines, expectations, and tasks we must complete. That is just the thing, rushing it doesn’t make it easier to complete. That thing will be a masterpiece because it is completed by you! Things take time, process, polishing, when it comes the time to shine you will have a diamond to present and the greatest relief of satisfaction.

I for one am in my senior year of college and now that the time comes down to present everything I know, I feel like I do not know anything!! I’ve prepared for years for this career and somehow I feel like I’m running out of time!? The pressure is there, it will always be there. YOU will always be there too. You have chugged along to the finish line and I guarantee you know one knows everything, you have to feel the rush, the pressure otherwise you are probably not doing it right. You will finish on YOUR timing not when the world wants you to finish. Another 60 minutes is coming after you finish panicking about this one! (speaking for myself) I’ve learned that when you take a moment to observe you realize how much you grow.

You are deserving! Take care and enjoy the ride. All the rough edges and the time spent in the polishing will turn you into the diamond you are meant to be. Stay present. You will succeed because this is your dream and your life to LIVE!!! ❤

365 Pages

Happy 2022 my humans!!! We all sit in anticipation of what the new year will bring, we make a new resolution, promising ourselves we will make it happen. Yeah, yeah been there done that. This year I hope you TAKE BACK – take back your energy, happiness, and peace. Find comfort in your passions that you lost in the middle of the world chaos. You deserve all good things!! This year is yours, to create, to explore, to have, cherish all the good and the bad for they turn you into the person you are!

I wish happiness and health for you. May this year be kinder to you. All that you deserve will come to you. This year, take charge in doing something nice for yourself daily, even if it seems simple. You are just as important as anyone else. Remember you hold the pen to the story you are creating!! Make it worth it.

Live, fly, sing, and dance because even when you cannot see it for yourself, your energy is missed in someone else’s day!! Always rooting for you, here is to 365 NEW pages to create a phenomenal story!