This season… take a moment to just watch. Watch the lights, the people in front of you, but most of all observe yourself. Look at how far you have come this year. Through the good and the bad, you have made it. For most of us it is finals week – the week we do not sleep and panic about our grades – you have made it to the end. Push through, just breathe it will be over soon.

We are only 20 something! Coming from me the stress queen that I am, it is hard to allow myself to slack. However, I have realized that you are not to be defined by perfection but by progress! Embrace the journey. If you fail or score a perfect score it does not make a difference you are still you. Take priority in you & your mental state. Turn your music up, eat more than crackers, take 30 minutes to lay down. You’re not a robot!!! Allow yourself to enjoy the simple things. Hang tight soon you will come to see you had it in you all along! It’ll be over before you know it and I’m so proud of each one of you that chooses to tackle each day even when you do not want to.

Make the effort. For you. Do it all because you never know if you’ll have the opportunity again. I’m rooting for you all. Turn it up & celebrate because you made it here 🎊