Why do you feel like you’re running out of time!? You are NOT… I promise. Lately, I know we all feel under pressure. There are deadlines, expectations, and tasks we must complete. That is just the thing, rushing it doesn’t make it easier to complete. That thing will be a masterpiece because it is completed by you! Things take time, process, polishing, when it comes the time to shine you will have a diamond to present and the greatest relief of satisfaction.

I for one am in my senior year of college and now that the time comes down to present everything I know, I feel like I do not know anything!! I’ve prepared for years for this career and somehow I feel like I’m running out of time!? The pressure is there, it will always be there. YOU will always be there too. You have chugged along to the finish line and I guarantee you know one knows everything, you have to feel the rush, the pressure otherwise you are probably not doing it right. You will finish on YOUR timing not when the world wants you to finish. Another 60 minutes is coming after you finish panicking about this one! (speaking for myself) I’ve learned that when you take a moment to observe you realize how much you grow.

You are deserving! Take care and enjoy the ride. All the rough edges and the time spent in the polishing will turn you into the diamond you are meant to be. Stay present. You will succeed because this is your dream and your life to LIVE!!! ❤