The world is waiting for you!

People always say go with the flow, but the “flow” is scary 99% of the time. Truth be told, change is inevitable. We must grow into butterflies eventually! All the new things that are happening, were meant for you. Yes, I know, you feel like you are so unprepared, but we are never truly ready. It always seems impossible until you do it, I promise you it is not that bad. You will make it!

Here lately, I have been trying so hard not to self-sabotage myself before it happens. You cannot live in fear. Everything is unpredictable. We never know until we know. It is time, to take the courage, the effort, the progress, and the energy you have put into all your work and show the world. SHINE. YOU are deserving!

Go forth and conquer, it may be the scariest thing ever, but so is selling yourself short because you are scared. You have so much potential!!! Rooting for you always. Flourish and become the butterfly you are meant to be 🦋🪄