Under Pressure

Why do you feel like you’re running out of time!? You are NOT… I promise. Lately, I know we all feel under pressure. There are deadlines, expectations, and tasks we must complete. That is just the thing, rushing it doesn’t make it easier to complete. That thing will be a masterpiece because it is completed by you! Things take time, process, polishing, when it comes the time to shine you will have a diamond to present and the greatest relief of satisfaction.

I for one am in my senior year of college and now that the time comes down to present everything I know, I feel like I do not know anything!! I’ve prepared for years for this career and somehow I feel like I’m running out of time!? The pressure is there, it will always be there. YOU will always be there too. You have chugged along to the finish line and I guarantee you know one knows everything, you have to feel the rush, the pressure otherwise you are probably not doing it right. You will finish on YOUR timing not when the world wants you to finish. Another 60 minutes is coming after you finish panicking about this one! (speaking for myself) I’ve learned that when you take a moment to observe you realize how much you grow.

You are deserving! Take care and enjoy the ride. All the rough edges and the time spent in the polishing will turn you into the diamond you are meant to be. Stay present. You will succeed because this is your dream and your life to LIVE!!! ❤

365 Pages

Happy 2022 my humans!!! We all sit in anticipation of what the new year will bring, we make a new resolution, promising ourselves we will make it happen. Yeah, yeah been there done that. This year I hope you TAKE BACK – take back your energy, happiness, and peace. Find comfort in your passions that you lost in the middle of the world chaos. You deserve all good things!! This year is yours, to create, to explore, to have, cherish all the good and the bad for they turn you into the person you are!

I wish happiness and health for you. May this year be kinder to you. All that you deserve will come to you. This year, take charge in doing something nice for yourself daily, even if it seems simple. You are just as important as anyone else. Remember you hold the pen to the story you are creating!! Make it worth it.

Live, fly, sing, and dance because even when you cannot see it for yourself, your energy is missed in someone else’s day!! Always rooting for you, here is to 365 NEW pages to create a phenomenal story!

20 Something

This season… take a moment to just watch. Watch the lights, the people in front of you, but most of all observe yourself. Look at how far you have come this year. Through the good and the bad, you have made it. For most of us it is finals week – the week we do not sleep and panic about our grades – you have made it to the end. Push through, just breathe it will be over soon.

We are only 20 something! Coming from me the stress queen that I am, it is hard to allow myself to slack. However, I have realized that you are not to be defined by perfection but by progress! Embrace the journey. If you fail or score a perfect score it does not make a difference you are still you. Take priority in you & your mental state. Turn your music up, eat more than crackers, take 30 minutes to lay down. You’re not a robot!!! Allow yourself to enjoy the simple things. Hang tight soon you will come to see you had it in you all along! It’ll be over before you know it and I’m so proud of each one of you that chooses to tackle each day even when you do not want to.

Make the effort. For you. Do it all because you never know if you’ll have the opportunity again. I’m rooting for you all. Turn it up & celebrate because you made it here 🎊

Choose you

When you feel like the outsider, like the only person on that lane, stay there!! If it is what YOU want. Choose what makes you jump up and down. Stand your ground. You do not have to agree with everyone out there. Your opinion, your thoughts, your input matter. YOU matter and deserve to be seen. Find those people. You are fundamental here.

I’ve learned to be riskier and I’m so impulsive it’s kinda scary sometimes, but honestly, if you feel the urge to do something do it because tomorrow you may not have the opportunity to do so. STAND UP FOR YOURSELF. Shine, shine, shine, you are free to choose every day. Give yourself the value you give others. You are so much more than you think. You can always do more.



Find peace in simplicity

This month is for us to give. To give it all. Love, peace, encouragement, but most importantly gratitude! I always say it is the one time a year, I can be extra cheesy and it is okay hahaha. As I am writing, I realize some people may not receive words of gratitude and it saddens me because it is something so simple that makes the biggest difference you can imagine. Something everyone deserves to feel. It is always the simple things that matter most.

Take this moment and check up on those you truly value. It is okay if they do not reciprocate, that is on them not you. You do what you feel. I have learned so far this season, that those that matter will value your effort and time and those that do not will call it “you’re doing too much” I know I’m always sentimental, I always go the extra mile so what. It makes a difference in the long run. When you wake up in the morning and you get ready and you feel nervous, excited, or whatever it is. You start second-guessing, maybe I should not wear this outfit today? What is the point of this right now? Then the person across from you complements the outfit you thought was not worthy. The “thing” you did not want to do – was most likely the coolest thing you did all day. Look at your reflection and see how strong you have been the last couple of days. The point does not to overthink it, just do it!!! Find peace in simplicity as you go about your day.

Express all that comes with true intentions. Text your people when you feel the need to, as much as you want to because one day you may not be able to. As you express all forms of appreciation to the ones you love. Express the same love for YOU. it’s already been hard enough, give yourself the hype you give everyone else.

To all the ones reading: THANK YOU! Thank you for existing, for waking up every day even when you do not want to do so. Thank you for being you. Most of all thank you for all you bring to the table because believe it or not you play a huge role in someone else’s day!!! My most sincere love and gratitude. Stay saucy my humans!! ❤️


Congrats human!!! You’ve made it through this day. Sometimes you become overwhelmed when things pile up, you do not have time for everything!! 24. Is the answer. 24 hours that is it, good or bad it is only 24 hours and it is over. Every day you have a fresh start. It takes bravery to have the courage to push through all of the adversity. Hey, you never thought you would make it past that “bad day” but you did. You are stronger than you think. Never discredit your effort you have walked it all the way here keep pushing!

You are always halfway there. Halfway to where you want to be. Progress is progress no matter how small. Just watch your step, you may stumble a little, but that does not mean stop. Pause. Rest. Then keep coasting because on the other side the gratitude and satisfaction you’ve worked for is waiting.


As always, be authentic to yourself. Everything that is yours will find you!!! Only stop when you see the view you deserve.


Today, I write in specific to my cousin Will, the sweetest soul I knew. I’ve tried the last 24 hours, to think, to accept, to feel fine. Here I am doing the only thing I know how to do which is writing. To anyone grieving, I’m deeply sorry for your loss may you find peace and understanding.

William, you always knew how to provide comfort. You always put everyone before you, most of all you always showed up. You supported each & everything I or anyone else needed. I know that is why God wanted you on his team. You were always the MVP on and off the court. You were always my biggest hype buddy and I will miss you asking me about college more than you know. May you rest easy, we will hold the fort down until we meet again. Maybe this time, you can finally teach me how to play basketball… In our heart forever and always you will be! Black Mamba has hung his jersey, but I’m sure Kobe has a spot for the biggest lakers fan there ever was.

Grief is a constant battle, but the only thing I know for sure is that there is no more suffering for that individual, everything has a time under the sun. One day we will all reunite with the ones we miss!! Stay strong, I’m rooting for all of those going through pain.




What is growth for you? When you plant something you are always so anxious to see what it will look like. You wait two or three weeks… meanwhile you water it, check it has enough sun, enough space to flourish right? Well, guess what?! The same rules apply to YOU!! You are a constant plant in all areas that you are in you seek growth and understanding.

In all moments you are growing and just like you value and cherish your plants or whatever it is you care for. You need to give yourself to go through it all, the storms bring (water) which may confuse, the sun brings happiness (nurturing) and time brings (peace) understanding. We may not understand why it all happens, but you need water, sunlight, and time to grow into the prettiest & strongest human you are meant to be. Give yourself nurturing!!! Growth is different for everyone, it’s not a marathon. In your time you will bloom. Focus on growing and all that you desire will follow once you are the best version of yourself!! Can’t have flowers without rain and remember it brings the most beautiful rainbows in the end. Create, be happy, and learn to nurture yourself!!! Rooting for you always.


What are you doing in this given moment? What is it?

Are you celebrating, struggling, stressed, happy, sad, I do not know all the above perhaps. Oh how the days take place and create waves. I find myself in a moment of self-doubt. I never know if I am doing things right, if I’m strong enough or what in the world is it that causes this anxiety? Find myself asking lots of questions and not enough answers. I am sure all of us can relate in some way. Why is it we always self-sabotage… genuinely curious, why be afraid of what has not happened? “Just fake it, till you make it” is all I say these days. Because the perfectionist in me cringes every time I do something and it was not enough. Who said that? Nobody. We do. We discredit ourselves before anyone can.

News flash: Nothing is ever perfect!! Keep learning and growing until you can flourish into the person you are meant to be. You will never know your capabilities until you get there! You always figure it out. Just keep moving along, you have survived all days before this one. Drink your water. Listen to music. Love yourself. Flourish and just be. Everything works out just reach for the sky!!

Fear (Less)

Do today what must be done.Your tomorrow may never come.
Harry F. Banks

We are always so tired that it is so casual to say “I will do it tomorrow” yeah, I know, but that may not always be the case. What is so scary about jumping? Take the task today. Go walking, jumping, flying! FEAR IS INEVITABLE. Do not let it win, what is the worst thing that can happen…. The answer no is just a no someone will say yes, they see your passion and help you achieve your goals. Most people live in the “if” mindset, me being one of them, what if I fall? What if I fail? What if I mess up? Okay, so you get up keep going, dust off, and try again. The greatest mistake you can make is just sit and waste time watching everything happen around you and not live!

We have all heard the “life is too short” line and it is so true. The next time you second guess yourself, do not!! Do it anyway! Jump in water… it’s just water, your shoes will dry. Sing in the street… people are already looking at you anyway who cares. Take the class… you will learn something new! Be free! Fear (less) and do more because chances are tomorrow may never come!!!