Congrats human!!! You’ve made it through this day. Sometimes you become overwhelmed when things pile up, you do not have time for everything!! 24. Is the answer. 24 hours that is it, good or bad it is only 24 hours and it is over. Every day you have a fresh start. It takes bravery to have the courage to push through all of the adversity. Hey, you never thought you would make it past that “bad day” but you did. You are stronger than you think. Never discredit your effort you have walked it all the way here keep pushing!

You are always halfway there. Halfway to where you want to be. Progress is progress no matter how small. Just watch your step, you may stumble a little, but that does not mean stop. Pause. Rest. Then keep coasting because on the other side the gratitude and satisfaction you’ve worked for is waiting.


As always, be authentic to yourself. Everything that is yours will find you!!! Only stop when you see the view you deserve.


Today, I write in specific to my cousin Will, the sweetest soul I knew. I’ve tried the last 24 hours, to think, to accept, to feel fine. Here I am doing the only thing I know how to do which is writing. To anyone grieving, I’m deeply sorry for your loss may you find peace and understanding.

William, you always knew how to provide comfort. You always put everyone before you, most of all you always showed up. You supported each & everything I or anyone else needed. I know that is why God wanted you on his team. You were always the MVP on and off the court. You were always my biggest hype buddy and I will miss you asking me about college more than you know. May you rest easy, we will hold the fort down until we meet again. Maybe this time, you can finally teach me how to play basketball… In our heart forever and always you will be! Black Mamba has hung his jersey, but I’m sure Kobe has a spot for the biggest lakers fan there ever was.

Grief is a constant battle, but the only thing I know for sure is that there is no more suffering for that individual, everything has a time under the sun. One day we will all reunite with the ones we miss!! Stay strong, I’m rooting for all of those going through pain.




What is growth for you? When you plant something you are always so anxious to see what it will look like. You wait two or three weeks… meanwhile you water it, check it has enough sun, enough space to flourish right? Well, guess what?! The same rules apply to YOU!! You are a constant plant in all areas that you are in you seek growth and understanding.

In all moments you are growing and just like you value and cherish your plants or whatever it is you care for. You need to give yourself to go through it all, the storms bring (water) which may confuse, the sun brings happiness (nurturing) and time brings (peace) understanding. We may not understand why it all happens, but you need water, sunlight, and time to grow into the prettiest & strongest human you are meant to be. Give yourself nurturing!!! Growth is different for everyone, it’s not a marathon. In your time you will bloom. Focus on growing and all that you desire will follow once you are the best version of yourself!! Can’t have flowers without rain and remember it brings the most beautiful rainbows in the end. Create, be happy, and learn to nurture yourself!!! Rooting for you always.


What are you doing in this given moment? What is it?

Are you celebrating, struggling, stressed, happy, sad, I do not know all the above perhaps. Oh how the days take place and create waves. I find myself in a moment of self-doubt. I never know if I am doing things right, if I’m strong enough or what in the world is it that causes this anxiety? Find myself asking lots of questions and not enough answers. I am sure all of us can relate in some way. Why is it we always self-sabotage… genuinely curious, why be afraid of what has not happened? “Just fake it, till you make it” is all I say these days. Because the perfectionist in me cringes every time I do something and it was not enough. Who said that? Nobody. We do. We discredit ourselves before anyone can.

News flash: Nothing is ever perfect!! Keep learning and growing until you can flourish into the person you are meant to be. You will never know your capabilities until you get there! You always figure it out. Just keep moving along, you have survived all days before this one. Drink your water. Listen to music. Love yourself. Flourish and just be. Everything works out just reach for the sky!!

Fear (Less)

Do today what must be done.Your tomorrow may never come.
Harry F. Banks

We are always so tired that it is so casual to say “I will do it tomorrow” yeah, I know, but that may not always be the case. What is so scary about jumping? Take the task today. Go walking, jumping, flying! FEAR IS INEVITABLE. Do not let it win, what is the worst thing that can happen…. The answer no is just a no someone will say yes, they see your passion and help you achieve your goals. Most people live in the “if” mindset, me being one of them, what if I fall? What if I fail? What if I mess up? Okay, so you get up keep going, dust off, and try again. The greatest mistake you can make is just sit and waste time watching everything happen around you and not live!

We have all heard the “life is too short” line and it is so true. The next time you second guess yourself, do not!! Do it anyway! Jump in water… it’s just water, your shoes will dry. Sing in the street… people are already looking at you anyway who cares. Take the class… you will learn something new! Be free! Fear (less) and do more because chances are tomorrow may never come!!!

Until then

The world is a mess, we all know that. Between covid, family issues, death, you name it, it is just utter chaos! It always seems like we are at war trying to find peace. Sitting and observing things daily I have come to notice a few things. People & all the things that make up the world are inconsistent. Nothing is permanent, we just create the expectations that it will be because we want comfort and hate change.

It is not until we become disappointed that we realize the one consistent thing you have is YOU. Sure we all share the good and the bad with those we value most, but until you find them all you have is the option to paint your pictures. To be there for yourself. Until then take charge. Breathe and know some other human is fighting too. You have made it past the worst day that you thought you could not. So until peace comes just hang tight!


“The way to develop self-confidence is to do the thing you fear and get a record of successful experiences behind you.”
-William Jennings Bryan

Doing new things is intimidating…we are all scared to fail. The way we will be perceived by others, but truthfully it all depends on you! Take the leap you never know what will happen. You are in control of who you what to be. Don’t live in fear that will only deprived you of your greatest potential. Be courageous and confident enough you can do all things. Set small goals, and tackle them slowly. Nothing worth having comes easy.

Do not sell yourself short so fast, you are more than capable. Believe in yourself the way others do! It is easier said than done, but just go for it. The growth you will discover is irreplaceable. They all say “you’re crazy” and then it turns into “no way, I’m so proud” take the time and space to prepare yourself and build the courage to seek new challenges. I am rooting for you always when you feel like no one is. You can only go as far as you let your thoughts take you. Follow your dreams and conquer every single one of them. It may take weeks, months, or even years, but it will happen!


This is the process no one talks about… through every situation, we have a healing process. Whether it is grief, heartbreak, or disappointment. It is a journey that teaches us how to close our wounds. Although I must say it is never the same, some take more time than others. We are human, we are created to trust and have expectations and believe everything will always be fine. With all good comes the bad and you must be prepared to encounter the challenges in your life.

Healing looks different for each individual. Do not rush yourself, heal on your terms, not on the expectations of others. You do not need to rebuild anything that drains you mentally and physically, people often think we just “get over it” but that is never true. Feel what you need. Take time. Learn and Process. Never allow the same version of yourself to hurt you, they do not deserve it and you owe it to yourself to move forward not to go back!

Although we never know when all pain does end! Everything is temporary, feel the moment and prosper. I’m rooting for you. Stand strong. Be brave. Take courage and do NOT give up, remember the sun shines every day. There is a finish line, I promise!!!

In Caos

The truth is that life is a never ending cycle of obstacles! Some are easier to overcome than others, but it is meant to teach you that through all battles in the middle of not knowing what to do there will come peace and understanding of why you went through that certain thing. We often rush to get to the happy parts of life and we forget to admire the struggle on the way up.

In all caos, take a moment to remember there is no rainbow without rain!! It is not caos but a learning experience because after it happens to you once you know how to overcome it a second or even a hundred times after that. Give yourself grace, and do not be frustrated because it did not go the way you plan, you will do it in your time! Capture the craziness. Be present & proud of yourself you did not come this far for nothing!!

Be Brave

We grow up constantly being guarded against what is dangerous by our parents most of the time and instead of giving us courage they implement fear. Which is their instinct, but it is the reason we turn away from new challenges. We adapt to the bare minimum. When people tell you “no” or “this is not for you” think about the reason why? Is it because that person said so or because you let fear win. As an individual, know that you are capable of everything you wish and never let others tell you differently.

Fear and all emotions come hand in hand with the cycle of life, but do not let that hinder your energy! Go with all enthusiasm and do it anyway, because those that try to tear you away from your dreams and aspirations will be watching you anyway. Be Brave. Have the courage to do what others think you cannot. Never limit your potential, go as far as you want to go. Thousands of people can tell you no, but it only takes one yes to conquer the unimaginable! I am rooting for you. Live and embrace, fly as high as you possibly can the world is yours!