What is growth for you? When you plant something you are always so anxious to see what it will look like. You wait two or three weeks… meanwhile you water it, check it has enough sun, enough space to flourish right? Well, guess what?! The same rules apply to YOU!! You are a constant plant in all areas that you are in you seek growth and understanding.

In all moments you are growing and just like you value and cherish your plants or whatever it is you care for. You need to give yourself to go through it all, the storms bring (water) which may confuse, the sun brings happiness (nurturing) and time brings (peace) understanding. We may not understand why it all happens, but you need water, sunlight, and time to grow into the prettiest & strongest human you are meant to be. Give yourself nurturing!!! Growth is different for everyone, it’s not a marathon. In your time you will bloom. Focus on growing and all that you desire will follow once you are the best version of yourself!! Can’t have flowers without rain and remember it brings the most beautiful rainbows in the end. Create, be happy, and learn to nurture yourself!!! Rooting for you always.