Find peace in simplicity

This month is for us to give. To give it all. Love, peace, encouragement, but most importantly gratitude! I always say it is the one time a year, I can be extra cheesy and it is okay hahaha. As I am writing, I realize some people may not receive words of gratitude and it saddens me because it is something so simple that makes the biggest difference you can imagine. Something everyone deserves to feel. It is always the simple things that matter most.

Take this moment and check up on those you truly value. It is okay if they do not reciprocate, that is on them not you. You do what you feel. I have learned so far this season, that those that matter will value your effort and time and those that do not will call it “you’re doing too much” I know I’m always sentimental, I always go the extra mile so what. It makes a difference in the long run. When you wake up in the morning and you get ready and you feel nervous, excited, or whatever it is. You start second-guessing, maybe I should not wear this outfit today? What is the point of this right now? Then the person across from you complements the outfit you thought was not worthy. The “thing” you did not want to do – was most likely the coolest thing you did all day. Look at your reflection and see how strong you have been the last couple of days. The point does not to overthink it, just do it!!! Find peace in simplicity as you go about your day.

Express all that comes with true intentions. Text your people when you feel the need to, as much as you want to because one day you may not be able to. As you express all forms of appreciation to the ones you love. Express the same love for YOU. it’s already been hard enough, give yourself the hype you give everyone else.

To all the ones reading: THANK YOU! Thank you for existing, for waking up every day even when you do not want to do so. Thank you for being you. Most of all thank you for all you bring to the table because believe it or not you play a huge role in someone else’s day!!! My most sincere love and gratitude. Stay saucy my humans!! ❤️