Today, I write in specific to my cousin Will, the sweetest soul I knew. I’ve tried the last 24 hours, to think, to accept, to feel fine. Here I am doing the only thing I know how to do which is writing. To anyone grieving, I’m deeply sorry for your loss may you find peace and understanding.

William, you always knew how to provide comfort. You always put everyone before you, most of all you always showed up. You supported each & everything I or anyone else needed. I know that is why God wanted you on his team. You were always the MVP on and off the court. You were always my biggest hype buddy and I will miss you asking me about college more than you know. May you rest easy, we will hold the fort down until we meet again. Maybe this time, you can finally teach me how to play basketball… In our heart forever and always you will be! Black Mamba has hung his jersey, but I’m sure Kobe has a spot for the biggest lakers fan there ever was.

Grief is a constant battle, but the only thing I know for sure is that there is no more suffering for that individual, everything has a time under the sun. One day we will all reunite with the ones we miss!! Stay strong, I’m rooting for all of those going through pain.