Time is the only thing in the world that never stops in this world. No 24 hours will ever repeat, take every moment and live it out to the fullest because you will never get it back. Pause and appreciate what is present in the moment. love the ones you cherish out loud! Always, those who matter will not mind. Time is of the essence and every day you lose the chance.

Build the memories. Take everything & enjoy it. Even when it is the most difficult thing you have ever done because one day you will look back and feel so rewarded for everything you faced. Today, I realized that things come to end, maybe even sooner than we are ready for, but we are left with the heart-wrenching excitement of the experience we had. You never forget the feeling of happiness you feel when you spend it with those who make you feel most seen!!! Find your people, burst your bubble, speak all that it is you want. Be a voice. Be YOUR voice. Pave the way because your presence is essential to someone.

Cherish your friendships, your genuine connections with love and gratitude, embrace the next 24 hours so that when you think about yesterday you can recall what you did, 90% of humans always say, I cannot remember, do something for you or someone else. Build yourself every day. You are resilient and have something to give to this world!!!

Rooting for you always! 🤍