They say when you face fear, it is when you should do more!! But our “fight and flight” response tells us to return to comfort. That is just it what do you do, stay and try? Or run? When being in a new environment where you are not quite adapted or comfortable can be terrifying. We want to do what we know so we excel in all categories and not have to think of failure or mistakes in the new scenarios.

Well news flash: we are placed where we are needed most. Where you will learn. Flourish. Be of an asset in one way or another. Everyone is a piece missing in someone else’s puzzle!!! Recently, I’ve endured a lot of changes. Challenges. New people. I have quickly discovered I have something to offer to help them prosper, kinda cheesy yeah, but we do and never realize it.

Someone said, “we are like the island of misfits” because it is ironically true, no one spends time doing the challenges. Long paperwork. the patience of taking longer is too much because we are always in a rush to finish first. Racing the clock like we are running out of time. Go where no one else goes. It may not be a walk in the sky but to someone else, it is what they have always needed!!! be kind. be the impact. Rooting for you always!! Rise to the challenges, there is probably something far greater waiting for you!!!