Hi, everyone!! Recently, I hit chapter 23 of my life. It started intense to say the least, but I sit here and reflect on everything, may this year be full of growth and happiness. This year is huge, internship is around the corner, graduating, jobs, etc I’m rushing to get to the finish line. That is just it, why rush everything in due time self aligns!! Enjoy where you are now. Everything that is meant to happen will happen. All that is yours is waiting for you. It will not be given to anyone else!

Slow down, and watch your surroundings!! Sing your heart out. Laugh out loud, love immensely! Share yourself as you are!! Never water yourself down, someone out there needs it. Check on those that nurture you, but most importantly choose you, always!!!

Don’t rush to be present. Take courage! Be strong. Follow your gut – rooting for you always!! 🤍