Hello humans!!! After a much-needed rest, finished up my teaching observation and I am now preparing for my internship, life is good!!! One step closer to finally living the dream! Anyways, most of us go through things feeling like we can do better. That we need a level of perfection from beginning to end, my observation taught me that it is not about perfection, but intention. People tend to want to find “the missing piece” when you have four petals instead of five. You make magic with FOUR you cannot have five. Emerge. Be present & float with the performance you can create.

People are not expecting you to fail, but grow!! You are strong and capable of everything you want to achieve. Just stay in it, fight, with all you have and anyone rooting for you from the heart will be proud of your progress!!! Because we only have one shot at life and we miss out on so much trying to be perfect. Be intentional. Clear. That is exactly how you will execute a masterpiece on your next step!! Do what sets your soul on fire!!

If it makes sense to you then your results will be worth it. Never count yourself short, someone is watching and learning from your impact. Rooting for you always!!!