It is no secret that I am an adrenaline seeker!! You can always do the simple, eh, it is whatever. Every day though, you are one day closer to death to just do the ordinary! Do it all. Whatever it is that you feel in the moment bc it is never coming back.

For a long time, like maybe most of you, I thought I could not do normal people things because I needed certain accommodations at times and I limited myself to a certain box. It was so simple “safer” easier for everyone else. Even if it was not what I wanted. Until one day I just started doing it. Literally. Chances were I probably did not know how I would do such a task, but eh I will figure it out along the way. YOU are free to live. My impulsiveness used to be such a bad thing I thought. No. It is my impulse to do what everyone tells me I cannot. BE. JUST BE.

This is your sign!!! Fly. Run. Break a leg (not literally) but yeah, buy the shoes you like so much, go to the tallest mountain you can find. I don’t know, but be happy. Your everyday routine will still be there when you come back!!

Happiness is on the other side of fear!!! Rooting for you always!! 🤍