Summer, summer! you’ve been heavy since you arrived. However, I’m here to tell you it is all good. Just close your eyes, and somehow, somewhere for a split second, there is comfort in your favorite song, stuffing your face in a cupcake, or laughing until your stomach hurts. Things are not always at peace and the stress-freak in me screams at chaos, but I know deep down that the best is to come. We all know that yet again we rush for things to be pretty and perfect all the time and we want to skip the lessons we have to learn. The pain and tears will bring the greatest smiles and laughs the planet has to offer, just hold on a little longer.

Growth is not linear. Gentle. Nevertheless pretty, but it comes to making a better version of yourself. You have survived all the days before this one, and you will tomorrow too. Somehow you always do. In the midst of it all, things align the way they should. All that is yours will be there. I’m rooting for you and know that you are exactly where you are meant for me to be. Be gentle to yourself, you are enough and worthy of all the things you desire.

Shine bright, live unapologetically! Never change yourself to fit in. The world is better with you here 🪄