Cracked, shattered, and on the floor, but you are still visible! See yourself for everything you are. As you are. Not the way you feel, for we are all imperfect and still your image is important. Life is an adrenaline cycle, a never-ending ride of emotions!! Live it!!! Feel it. All of that, that makes you human.

You will never go any further than your feet are to the ground, and although it feels like you’ll never get up, you can only go up. Hold on because I am rooting for comfort and peace. We often criticize everything that is “ugly” to us. However, take a minute, and analyze how through every scar and tear you have shed you still stand strong and courageous as ever.

As cliche as it may sound nothing last forever, you will become uncrumpled. You will be bubbly and ecstatic once again!! Stay golden, never wash away your personality to fit in. I am rooting for you always and forever!!!