STOP JUST STOP…. As a girl that self-sabotage’s almost everything seriously. Look at you! Standing in the mirror, yes it is you. All that is coming is truly for you. I heard something not long ago that said, “that opportunity is for you if not it wouldn’t be here. It wouldn’t be in your path.” That hit me because it is true. You are more than capable to complete that task. Believe it!! Even when at times you feel at a loss or like someone else can do it better, maybe, but NEVER the way you can!

Your head is always thinking the worst. Yet again, the impulsiveness in you will bring out the best moment. Live unapologetically, to the best of you. Everything you are. Energetic and loud for here is a secret you can not sabotage what is yours!! Live with your emotions on your sleeve, you are meant to flourish not water down!!

Rooting for you always… don’t let your imposter syndrome win. Go forth and conquer!!