Most of us probably survived the worst yet most rewarding year of our lives! Guess what, you have a new set of pages to write the most incredible story yet. Restart. Clear your mind and your heart. Seek everything you desire the best way you can. Never discredit your progress. Manifest it, write it down, for the universe will self-align to provide it for you. Recently, I’ve struggled with accepting the things I deserve and always thinking I have to “earn” them. We are deserving of all things because we fight for them. We exist. You. Are always capable of so much.

This year, I ask for calmness! I’m so used to stress. Always doing something and during the season of post-graduation and job searching I’ve had to practice patience and understanding that you do not always have to be “moving” to make progress! Be content as you are. Take a break, and reset. Align your goals, dreams, and aspirations. Stay true to yourself. Always! Make sure you prioritize your mental health, and your people, allow space for the new things to come.

May this year bring you all of the things you have always wanted. Wishing all of you inner peace, happiness, health, and growth. Be weird, and be extra bubbly for anything that is meant to stay will stay. You are seen. Strong and courageous. Let me tell you this, no two people are the same so stop comparing yourself and go be phenomenal. As always I’m rooting for you all!!!