Life is like bubbles… Each day or given moment can only be seen once then it vanishes. Here lately, I’ve been shown that good things do happen. No matter how ordinary it is that I may feel. Everything you have earned is because you have worked for it. So yes make a big deal out of everything because this is your “bubble” so do not let anyone bust it just because they do not understand you!!

Changes will happen for hardly anything is linear. Go forth and conquer. Travel the road ahead for you have no clue what is waiting for you. Be humble, gracious, and patient in knowing that you will never go where you are not meant to be. Live and learn. Laugh and love. Sing and dance. Be loud like me hahaha. I’ll let you know something half of us are winging each day too no one has a clue what’s going on!

Know that at least one person out here is rooting for you! Be your hype. No dream is too small because the sky is limitless!