The storm is heavy, but when the sun shines it shines. Took a minute to find my thoughts… it’s quite hard to start new things and find balance and patience within you to know that you are capable to fight. Knowing that every day is its rollercoaster and you never know what the next 24 hours will look like is such an adrenaline boost and a gift to realize that everything is a privilege!

Loss my voice for four days & if you know me at all you know I die if I can’t talk. But in the mix of it all, saw my favorite cousin, went to work (perks of knowing sign language) observed a lot, & felt at peace. made me see that presence matters over everything!! Feeling seen and valued by those that love you is such a feeling. Take advantage to express your emotions, thoughts, and feelings. If it’s important to you blow it up & do not let anyone water you down. There’s always serenity in the middle of the chaos. YELL at the top of your lungs every day. Repeat yourself. Laugh & cry. Be you!

Embrace who you are, I am rooting for you!