As we grow in the transitions of life. We idealized that if it is not perfect it is not enough… at least from my point of view, it’s one of my constant struggles. More times than not people try to cover up the cracks and embellish the scars. Oh, but listen here it is the physical sign of going through hardships and being able to stand strong. It is so engraved in our brains that we need to fit certain criteria to be worthy and that is just a lie. You are you because you were created as such to fulfill a purpose. Recently, I have discovered that the saying “things happen for a reason” is indeed true because nothing happens by coincidence. Embrace all you are, emotions, quirkiness, and don’t diminish yourself.

When you find your true people… your personality is a highlight to someone else!! A piece of you is always engraved in those that truly see you for who you are. Stay yourself. Be bubbly! Not everyone is meant to be everlasting, but you will always have yourself. Set boundaries. Love loudly and express gratitude for everything that matters to you. Life is too short to act like you do not care.

Scars and all, we all play a part in someone else’s story! Keep it pushing, you’ve made it through every single day you thought you could not. Stay hyped. As always, I’m rooting for you!