Just a girl who talks a little too much & is obsessed with planes

Yoooo, who read the fine print of the Contract of Life because it is kinda crazy out here?! However, I come bearing some relief… you have survived the first 100 days of the year!!! I have seen things change, leave, and stay. In the last one hundred days I’ve noticed a lot too, I have always been the one to observe. Hold on to things deeply for the sake of connection. Oh, but the freedom you feel when you release the one-sided bonds. I’m here to tell you that you can be you, and you will never push away the people that genuinely value you for YOU.

Sit & reflect. Observe. Things come with patience and everything will self-align when you are ready to receive it. In the meantime enjoy the space, the rain, jump, yell, laugh, love, burst the voice inside of you, and EXPRESS. If someone else cannot handle it then that is not someone you don’t need in your orbit. Keep yourself afloat. There are millions of things to do and see. We have yet to experience the best things in life. Find your people! They will water you. Anything that feels suppressing is not genuine. The ones that love you want to see you flourish and prosper.

BE. SET THE WORLD UPSIDE DOWN. do not settle, embrace who you are. Love loudly and unapologetically. Reciprocate your genuine connections and be happy. I’m rooting for you always and I hope you all reach the goals you desire so much.

-much love and gratitude!