YOU are alive and thriving!!! When you feel your weakest lean on your people. Speak with your heart and seek the answers to the questions you have. The last week has shown me the importance of listening to your body and understanding that we are not superhuman. Stumbling is part of growing, not feeling like yourself is so exhausting emotionally. Here’s your sign to do something that makes you smile at least once a day! Love your people loudly because life is too short to act nonchalant.

Create healthy connections, so that you don’t walk the earth feeling anxious. Find the people that give you serotonin!! There is beauty in vulnerability and as a long-living person that feels overwhelming every time I move. Some people skyrocket just by experiencing your presence! Feel, jump, and express. You will be heard by those that truly care for you even when you are silent.

Turn the world upside down with your energy. You were meant to flourish not water yourself down. As always, breathe deep and keep going. When you feel stuck know that at least one person is rooting for you always!