People always say just be yourself and you will be fine. Just love yourself, forgive, move on, etc… what does that mean?! How do you do that? First of all, there is no simple answer. Everything we feel (do) is part of who we are. It is how we develop personality, character, and boundaries. Every experience you go through creates the essence of your life. Comparison is a thief of joy… never understood what that truly meant until recently. NO TWO THINGS ARE IDENTICAL!! not people, objects, not even days. Everything on earth stands in its form.

As a perfectionist myself, I feel like everything is a time frame. As if there was a timer on life. News flash, there is not. Stop running, breathe, and look a the sky for an extra second longer you might see something different today. You are not in a race, everything comes in due time. Learning patience is extremely difficult, but I guarantee nothing is ever early or late, we are all just impatient and hate waiting for things, but the beauty comes from learning to observe the things before that.

Stand tall, and know that your presence will never be repeated in someone else! Let your personality shine, Be loud, talk at 100mi per hour, and repeat yourself 7x a day. Be dramatic because simple is boring. Feel all you feel with everything you are. The ones that genuinely love you will always see you. Do not let anyone make you feel like it is so “heavy” to be YOU. As always, I am rooting for you! Go forth and fly!!