At 8 years old, I decided I wanted to learn sign language… I wanted to be an interpreter! Didn’t know how, when, or where. All my life I wanted inclusion. Power. Visibility to myself, always thought I need to be “walking” to have the things I pick up on the daily. Against all odds, the times I cried myself to sleep. The days I hated my physical appearance and everything else under the sun. I knew I’d die trying to earn the privilege to be who I wanted to be. I’d be influential to those who need it most. Turns out I became a Deaf Education Teacher!!!

Daniela, you are not the handicapped girl in the back of the class babe, you are the leader now. Through days of pain and tears, smiles and laughs. You got the career. The first in your family with a Bachelors degree. Thank you for never choosing the easiest way out. For not giving out to the “can’t” I love you for everything you were and will become.

No more labels… learned as years went by that I closed myself off because I was scared but little did I know everyone is flawed. We all are exactly who we are meant to be. Thank you for trying! For perseverance, for your stubbornness hahaha.

To anyone out there, live YOUR life. Be happy. Do it your way. For you. The world can accommodate. You fit. You matter. Much love. Go forth and conquer. Never give up!!! ❤️