What are you doing in this given moment? What is it?

Are you celebrating, struggling, stressed, happy, sad, I do not know all the above perhaps. Oh how the days take place and create waves. I find myself in a moment of self-doubt. I never know if I am doing things right, if I’m strong enough or what in the world is it that causes this anxiety? Find myself asking lots of questions and not enough answers. I am sure all of us can relate in some way. Why is it we always self-sabotage… genuinely curious, why be afraid of what has not happened? “Just fake it, till you make it” is all I say these days. Because the perfectionist in me cringes every time I do something and it was not enough. Who said that? Nobody. We do. We discredit ourselves before anyone can.

News flash: Nothing is ever perfect!! Keep learning and growing until you can flourish into the person you are meant to be. You will never know your capabilities until you get there! You always figure it out. Just keep moving along, you have survived all days before this one. Drink your water. Listen to music. Love yourself. Flourish and just be. Everything works out just reach for the sky!!