This is the process no one talks about… through every situation, we have a healing process. Whether it is grief, heartbreak, or disappointment. It is a journey that teaches us how to close our wounds. Although I must say it is never the same, some take more time than others. We are human, we are created to trust and have expectations and believe everything will always be fine. With all good comes the bad and you must be prepared to encounter the challenges in your life.

Healing looks different for each individual. Do not rush yourself, heal on your terms, not on the expectations of others. You do not need to rebuild anything that drains you mentally and physically, people often think we just “get over it” but that is never true. Feel what you need. Take time. Learn and Process. Never allow the same version of yourself to hurt you, they do not deserve it and you owe it to yourself to move forward not to go back!

Although we never know when all pain does end! Everything is temporary, feel the moment and prosper. I’m rooting for you. Stand strong. Be brave. Take courage and do NOT give up, remember the sun shines every day. There is a finish line, I promise!!!