We grow up constantly being guarded against what is dangerous by our parents most of the time and instead of giving us courage they implement fear. Which is their instinct, but it is the reason we turn away from new challenges. We adapt to the bare minimum. When people tell you “no” or “this is not for you” think about the reason why? Is it because that person said so or because you let fear win. As an individual, know that you are capable of everything you wish and never let others tell you differently.

Fear and all emotions come hand in hand with the cycle of life, but do not let that hinder your energy! Go with all enthusiasm and do it anyway, because those that try to tear you away from your dreams and aspirations will be watching you anyway. Be Brave. Have the courage to do what others think you cannot. Never limit your potential, go as far as you want to go. Thousands of people can tell you no, but it only takes one yes to conquer the unimaginable! I am rooting for you. Live and embrace, fly as high as you possibly can the world is yours!