Let’s be honest, as much as we all want to succeed and everything and be perfect that is not always the case. Failure is part of the journey, it teaches you the one way it will not work. However, do not ever lose hope. Try again because that maybe the one time you do succeed.
Speaking from a college student point of view, I know we try to be “perfect” to score the famous 4.0 GPA, to meet other people’s expectations, to make sure we do not disappoint someone. Nothing in life is perfect. We are all human. Be present and proud of where you are right now. A wise man once told me, “There is a season for everything under the sun and under heaven. The sun will always rise again.” Honestly, that is so true and it got me through one of my hardest moments. Regardless if you failed a class, did not get the job, or failed at a simple task, praise yourself because you tried. If you succeed at at all of it, praise yourself because you had the courage to do it. Most of us want to do things, but never start. Take part.

You will succeed either at first attempt or attempt one hundred. It is not a race, it is at your own pace. Go fourth and conquer! Just try one more time you never know what can happen.