After all this time on earth, ask yourself what have I done all this time… Have I truly lived, or have I just followed everyone else’s expectations? Maybe. Most of us would not know how to answer that quite honestly. We all have dreams. Thoughts. Goals. Yet somehow, we always push them back and make thousands of excuses as to why it would not work. Starting with the classic “I have no time” but think about it no one does we always have something to do. “No money” of course not, but save it you will have enough eventually. “They will think it pointless” who cares, it is not pointless to you. It will impact someone. Something will always show up to talk you out of it, trust me. We live in fear of stereotypes and people having opinions. That just it, it is an opinion. We all have them and it is what makes the world go round. All this time, you have Observed. Listened. Achieved. Failed. and Lost.  Most importantly you learned to just be! Everything is a moment, some are good some are not. Take risk and be who you want. Live authentically! Some will support some will not but that does not matter thrive in your essence! Negativity only comes from those that were not prepared to see you do things like that. Stop living in your own head, find a way to make your dreams come true. People are always going to watch. Be iconic and learn to just live!